What is neurobiology?

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Hi! This is the card of my blog, the first article. Along the way, I will explain what I will write about and why I am worth reading.

Neuroscience is the science that studies the nervous system.

It appeared at the junction of the 19th and 20th centuries, young.
Nowhere in schools, standard university programs, in general, neuroscience is not studied, unfortunately it is not popular, little known.

Why neuroscience?

The fact is that the brain also enters the studied nervous system, and as we know, it contains you — your consciousness. This gives great potential to neuroscience, it studies the complete behavior of a person, every action, every movement. Ideally, in the future we could explain this, but now the science is not so developed.

In the future, such revolutionary achievements as mind reading, obtaining all human memories will be the property of neuroscience.

For my articles, I will make a designation from an emoji, which will help you immediately understand how complex the material will be described.

🧠 — even a child will understand this.
🧠🧠 — enough easy.
🧠🧠🧠 — you may have to reread it more than once.
🧠🧠🧠🧠 — it will be difficult.

Topics that can be found in the articles:

Their research. I would like to note that I do not have the resources for revolutionary research in science, they will focus on the assimilation of some material or will be real scientific, but only theories. Thus, the experiments will be social, on themselves, theoretical. Such articles naturally have unique content.

Articles on socially popular topics. When you want to develop a science, you can develop it yourself or be its popularizer with the hope of inspiring someone to real scientific works. Such articles will be devoted to popular topics that are more likely to be poked at than scientific research, and someday this may hook the future Nobel Prize winner in neuroscience.

Now I don’t know to what extent my blog will grow, but nevertheless my main goal is to develop neuroscience, change the world, someday we will be able to do such research that will take us to a new level of life.

A little bit of additional information. Now I am 17 years old (summer 2021), I also plan to shoot videos on YouTube, there will definitely be experiments, because they imply that I am doing something in real life, and not in my thoughts, so for them the best option is a video, I will also upload videos to TikTok, the meaning is to raise the issue of popularization of science. We make all the covers ourselves, I can borrow images with statistics from some sources, especially if we are talking about the latest research, photos from experiments are naturally my own. I am studying in college, I am also professionally engaged in web development, so articles can not be published often, also all articles (with the exception of this one) are made qualitatively and at the bottom of each article there will be a real scientific analysis of the issue, all the theses of the article are not taken from my head, but have real neurobiological confirmation. I think I have nothing to add yet. (And, I’m living in Russia, I hope, that’s not so big problem, neuroscience is equal all over the world).




I’m 17, from Russian and love neuroscience so much.

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I’m 17, from Russian and love neuroscience so much.

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